libraryLibraries for the most part contain books, actual physical books, although with technology becoming more integrated into our lives, libraries have introduced computers and to a certain extent, e-books as well, but it looks like the BiblioTech library in San Antonio, Texas, is looking to shake things up as it is the first and only public bookless library in America. This was the brainchild of Bexar County Judge, Nelson Wolff, who ironically enough is a collector of first-print editions books, and at one point in time also pushed for a print-only library.

The BiblioTech project reported cost $2.4 million and according to Wolff, it costs less than traditional libraries to operate since it does require a lot less space and fewer workers as well. The library will loan out e-readers to its visitors, permit downloads from home, as well as offer classes related to technology on-site as well. There are also tablets and a space for children to use them while visiting the library. So far the downside to this idea is that there aren’t that many popular titles available at the moment, simply because publishers are reportedly charging too much for e-books. According to Wolff, “It probably is a little bit ahead of its time […] We can’t get every book that we want in an e-format. And we are paying more for them.”

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