BlackBerry-LogoBlackBerry phones aren’t exactly selling like hotcakes at the moment, and BlackBerry’s closest rival, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, appears to be doing better. In fact according to the latest figures released by the IDC in their mobile market share report, they have found that BlackBerry’s Q3 2013 market share is only sitting at a lowly 1.7%. This is not the US market we’re talking about, but rather a worldwide market share which we have to say is rather disturbing. This is compared to BlackBerry’s closest rival, Windows Phone, which is at 3.6%, a little more than double what BlackBerry has at the moment.

Fairfax Financial Holdings recently injected $1 billion into the Canadian company, with the company’s CEO, Prem Watsa, expressing his belief and confidence that BlackBerry will be able to turn themselves around in one and a half years’ time, presumably with the help of the company’s newly appointed interim CEO, John Chen. BlackBerry has had a long and pretty solid reputation when it came to phones in the past, but like Nokia, sort of dropped the ball when it came to competing with iOS and Android, although in BlackBerry’s case they decided to go with their own operating system, versus Nokia who decided to adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which we guess did pay off for the company in the end.

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