If one were to list possible uses for a smartwatch, controlling a television set just might make the list. The Samsung Galaxy Gear can already do a lot of things, such as taking photos and displaying full notifications and now it can control TVs as well thanks to the Smart Remote app. The app has been developed by Samsung and Peel, who make the WatchOn app found on the former’s devices. Smart Remote basically controls WatchOn app on the smartphone, since the IR blaster on Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 already allow users to control their TV sets.


The advantage of having Smart Remote on Galaxy Gear is that users don’t have to keep their Galaxy S4 or Note 3 in their hands all the time, though they will need to place it as such that the IR blaster is facing the TV. That’s because the signal to switch channels, control volume or even power off will go through the device’s IR blaster given the fact that Galaxy Gear does not have one of its own. Those who’re interested can download the app on their smartwatch from the Gear Manager app on their smartphone, the smartwatch must be paired for the app to install. Smart Remote is hosted on Samsung Apps. [Image via Sammobile]

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