diy-cellphoneIt was last year when we brought you David Mellis’ DIY Cellphone, and it seems that he has been up to more tinkering this time around with yet another DIY cellphone which, from the name itself, you know you are able to make one up with your two hands if you have the necessary amount of time and technical know how. The DIY cellphone is capable of making and receiving phone calls and text messages, in addition to storing names and their corresponding numbers. Oh yeah, did we mention that it can also tell the time? Sounds pretty much like a standard issue featurephone from Nokia of yore, no? The base would be hardware and software in the Arduino GSM Shield, although it will be extended with a full interface such as the display, buttons, speaker, and microphone among others. Those who are interested in the source files can get it here (hardware and software), where it will also boast of an issue list that paves the way for one to file bug reports or make requests for additional enhancements.

Two main variants of the DIY cellphone are available – one which relies on the old school black and white LCD, while the other has a retro looking eight-character matrix of red LEDs. Which one do you think is cooler? I think the latter is more attractive simply because it is different, although it might not be as versatile as the black and white LCD. The disadvantage of the LCD would be its fragility, as the LED matrix is more robust. The entire shebang should not cost you more than $200. [Project Page]

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