Quite a lot of people use the same password for almost all of their online accounts, and while pros and cons of this practise can be debated at length, there’s no denying the fact that if one account gets compromised, all accounts run the risk of being compromised. Recently Adobe was hit by a large scale hack, with as many as 38 million user accounts reportedly being exposed. Facebook has now started to lock out users who have used the same password for the social network as well, user’s can’t access the network until and unless they change their passwords.

Users will also have to answer a few questions to verify ownership of the account before they can change password and finally log in. They’ll be displayed a notification like the one posted above, which clearly states that “no one can see you” on the social network until you finish this process. To ascertain which of its over 1 billion users have been put at risk due to the Adobe hack, Facebook is combing through publicly posted database of the compromised accounts. The hack doesn’t directly affect Facebook in any way, the social network is taking this step to ensure that compromised users don’t run in to problems on the social network as well. [Image via Engadget]

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