Ever since Google revealed its Chromecast, companies have been slow, but steady, to support their streaming content device. Companies like Hulu and Pandora have shown their support for the Chromecast, and today, one of the most popular streaming video service for a premium cable company has just announced they’re supporting the device. Of course, we’re talking about HBO GO.

Chromecast owners will be able to view HBO GO content on their TV running on Google’s streaming device through its Android, iOS or web app. An update for the Android and iOS version of HBO GO is currently being rolled out, although at the time of this writing, we spotted the update is currently available on our iOS devices. The dedicated web app is also expected to begin rolling out over the next few days.

With HBO GO now supporting Chromecast, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time until other content providers follow suit, allowing you to watch content on your TV at any time without needing an additional cable box. For now, head on over to your Android, iOS device or to the HBO GO website and start streaming content to your TV right away, especially since Game of Thrones is just a few “short” months away from premiering.

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