dos-source-codeDon’t you just love history? It chronicles the past so that we have a better idea as to which particular road which we should tread in the future, and the ones to avoid as well. This time, we are pleased to bring you news that a collaboration between two vintage computer museums has seen the Apple II DOS source code being made available to the masses. This can be seen as the Holy Grail for some, where it has been regarded to be the starting point of Apple. What you see above is Apple’s agreement with Shepardson Microsystems for Apple II DOS.


The Computer History Museum, working alongside the DigiBarn Computer Museum, have posted the Apple II disk operating system for non-commercial use. Needless to say, before this can happen, Apple has already been approached for their consent to the publication since the code still remains under the ownership of Apple. Just a little bit of background information for those who are new to the scene to appreciate the source code all the more – Apple II happened to be a fully-assembled personal computer that carried a slew of advanced features including a built-in BASIC programming language, being compatible with an external monitor, as well as different modes of input. Other documents related to the software include schematics and business agreements.

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