Apple’s iPad Air is the Cupertino company’s latest tablet offering and not only is the device thinner and lighter, but it is smaller at the same time, but what does this mean in terms of durability? In the past we have seen Richard Ryan put products to the “test” by performing drop tests and firing guns at them on his YouTube channel, RatedRR, but in the case of the iPad Air, well sadly it didn’t exactly survive to the shooting part of the idea because when attempting to drop the iPad Air from a height of a few feet, the screen managed to shatter, and to top it all off, this was dropped on relatively soft dirt as opposed to a hard concrete floor.

We’re not sure what Apple might have compromised in terms of durability when it came to the iPad Air, but safe to say if you think you might drop the tablet, you might want to invest in some heavy duty protection, or maybe even consider another tablet if you think the iPad Air is a bit too expensive to drop or repair. We have to conduct our testing but in the meantime what do you guys think? Any iPad Air owners out there who feel that Apple might have compromised on durability, such as thicker materials, in favor of making the tablet both thinner and lighter at the same time?

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