I am not quite sure whether there is a point to blending recently released devices. Will the kind of traffic pulled by the site for such stories be able to compensate for the cost of the devices, not to mention having to make sure that the blender is still in good working condition after that? Perhaps not, but it can be seen as some form of publicity. Why not have a “Will it flatten?” site, where a steamroller goes over whatever device you place on it? That is pretty much a foregone conclusion, Gorilla Glass or not, and so is the idea of taking a high powered rifle or firearm and taking pot shots at the device. We have seen a Sony PS4 fall victim to a .50 caliber rifle, and now here we are with a video of a recently released iPad mini with Retina display that was fired upon by a H&K MP7A1, thanks to a certain Richard Ryan.

The slow motion action shots are definitely something worth checking out, but that is a waste of a perfectly good iPad mini with Retina display, don’t you think so? Especially after this tablet managed to hold its own against Ryan’s conducted drop tests.

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