A couple of weeks ago, LG announced their answer to the Samsung Galaxy Round in the form of the LG G Flex. The “flex” in its name was presumably related to how the screen was flexed and curved, helping to contribute to the overall unique design of the phone, but little did we know that the “flex” name was more than that. According to a recent video that has been making its rounds on YouTube, it shows someone with the LG G Flex pressing down on the phone, essentially flattening it out. This is possible thanks to the phone’s flexible display which we guess is sturdy enough, but yet pliable where it can be pressed down (with some force) to flatten it.

Apparently one would have to apply a “reasonable amount of force” to achieve that effect, meaning that if you were planning on picking one up, you wouldn’t have to worry about it flexing and bending in your pocket. We’re not sure if it’s a good idea to keep doing that to the LG G Flex, but we guess it would make a pretty cool party trick, and we have to wonder if breaking the device’s display by continuously flexing it would be covered under warranty? Either way you can check out the LG G Flex getting flattened in the video above.

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