Recently it was discovered by an IT consultant based across the pond that his LG smart TV was collecting data about his activity, such the channels he watches and the devices that are attached to his smart TV. It is presumed that the TVs do this to better craft ads for each individual user based on their viewing habits. Huntley dug around and discovered a “Collection of watching info” option that was switched on by default and even when he turned it off, the smart TV continued to send data back. LG says that its working on a fix to end this behavior.

Earlier today the company had said that it was investigating the issue and that it will take action should it need to be taken. In a statement provided to CNET, a representative for the Korean company says that LG “regrets” spying concerns caused by these reports and that an update is being developed which will stop data from being sent once the user turns the option off. It will also remove a feature which read and transmitted names of files stored on USB and other external drives that were on the same network as the smart TV. LG also says that it has never stored data on its servers and that the data did not contain personal information, though it admits that the TVs do transmit viewing information.

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