SEQ_Lytro_Group_FrontThe Lytro camera was announced a couple of years ago and for those unfamiliar with the camera, it’s basically a device that takes the effort out of focusing on photos. Instead the camera allows users to capture the image or moment first, upload the image onto their computer and through Lytro’s accompanying software, will allow them to select which areas of the photograph they’d like the focus to be placed at. This is great for moments that you want to capture, but don’t want to spend the next 5-10 minutes trying to figure out the best area to focus at.

Well it seems that Lytro has recently released an update called Lytro 3D which basically allows photos taken by the Lytro camera to be viewed in 3D. These 3D images can be viewed using 3D displays via HDMI or AirPlay, or the good news for those with standard displays is that you will also be able to experience the 3D effect using those red and blue glasses. Pretty nifty, huh? Lytro has also announced in its press release that the camera in Cobalt Blue will be available for purchase via the Apple Online Store worldwide starting at $399.95, but those living in the US and Canada will have access to a limited edition Champagne finish (which we reckon would go great with the gold iPhone!).

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