SEQ_Lytro_Group_FrontLytro and their light field photo technology is an interesting combination to say the least. Well, what good is there if you were to keep all the good stuff just to yourself? Lytro intends the other companies to make use of its light field photo technology so that they will be able to introduce improvement to their devices instead of just for the field of photography alone. Hence, in order to ensure that this happens, Lytro has decided to introduce the Lytro Development Kit (LDK) under the guise of its Platform initiative.

Of course, some out there might be lured into thinking that this is meant for the other consumer device manufacturers, but if one were to take a look at the bigger picture, it would go way beyond that. The the announcement pointed out to the outfit additional examples of other kinds of commercial R&D-type scenarios where its specialized imaging technology will come into play.

Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal shared, “Since Lytro’s inception, we’ve continually been approached by a number of organizations wanting to collaborate with us on a wide variety of new applications.” For starters, the likes of NASA have already used the kit in a bid to improve its imaging in space, while Army Night Vision projects are also making use of this particular kit. [Press Release]

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