foxconn-bigger-ipadIt was last year that we heard how a kid who got a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas found out that instead of the console being inside the box, he found rocks instead, which admittedly makes for a rather dull Christmas present. While Walmart admitted their mistake, the same could not be said for Tesco UK where a man was thrown in jail for returning an iPad box which contained a lump of clay. According to the story, a man walks in Tesco UK to buy an iPad as a present for his daughter.


However upon returning home, he finds out that the iPad is not an iPad, but rather an iPad box with a lump of clay in it. The man tries to return it, but Tesco does not believe him and says they need to investigate the matter. Long story short, the man finds himself in jail afterwards and was released on bail eventually. After the investigation had been conducted, it was found that the original iPad in the box had been activated in a different part of the country, presumably clearing this innocent man’s name in the process.

Tesco has since apologized for the problem, but we’re not sure that is enough to appease the poor customer who had to go through the entire ordeal over the past few months. According to the victim, “I’ve run my own successful businesses for 22 years, and I own my own house. Why would I want to scam Tesco out of a £470 iPad?”

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