McDonald’s Happy Meal toys have been a staple of the restaurant chain for quite a long time. But the company that has served billions upon billions of burgers to the public may be considering using 3D printers inside of its stores in order to create those very toys that children go crazy over with each visit.

McDonald’s UK IT director Mark Fabes has showed interest in the technology and is looking into potential applications of 3D printing, one of which would be to create Happy Meal toys on the spot whenever they’re needed. Unfortunately, this hasn’t gone any farther than Fabes saying he’s interested in the technology as his remarks were taken during his time speaking on a panel on emerging technologies in Munich.

Fabes says one of the first things that needs to be considered if McDonald’s was to implement 3D printers in restaurants was their cost as well as safety concerns of having these printers functioning close to where food is prepared. In addition to those concerns, Fabes believes if McDonald’s does make a decision to proceed with 3D printing in their restaurants, they would need to launch the service alongside a major tech supplier.

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