Want A Fresh Order At McDonald’s? Ask For A Receipt

Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s, ordered your food, only to realize that it probably isn’t as fresh as you’d like? Then there are also times when you go to McDonald’s and your fries are hot, your nuggets are crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, and your Coke tastes on point?

McDonald’s Australia Uses iPhone 8 Render For Its Promotion

Apple’s iPhone 8 has yet to be officially announced or revealed, although leaked schematics, drawings, photos, and renders have painted a pretty accurate picture, or at least a pretty consistent picture. In fact it seems that over in Australia, McDonald’s might have gotten ahead of itself and has used renders of the iPhone 8 in its latest promotion.

McDonald’s Turns Its Cardboard Drink Trays Into Smartphone Speakers

When you order multiple drinks at McDonald’s to go, usually what happens is that they will give you a drink tray made out of cardboard to help hold them. We’re sure that what many of you guys do when you’re done with the drink tray is to throw them away, but McDonald’s Canada is hoping you’ll hang onto them a bit longer.

McDonald’s Now Using Snapchat In Their Hiring Process

You might have heard that back in April, over in Australia McDonald’s encouraged those who are interested in working for them to submit their applications via Snapchat. It appeared that the feature was only available in Australia at that time, but now it looks like McDonald’s will be bringing that particular hiring practice to the US.


McDonald’s Australia Accepting Job Applications Via Snapchat

If you’re over the age of 30 and you find yourself a bit lost and confused as to how to use Snapchat, you’re not alone. In fact there are several articles that have been written up in the past that shows that you’re not the only person who might be confused with how the app works, so it’s not as if you’ve suddenly lost your tech savvy.

McDonald’s Testing Mobile Ordering In The U.S.

Some of the most popular fast food chains have long embraced mobile ordering, allowing their patrons to place an order even before they’ve walked into the outlet. This helps save a lot of time for customers and even the staff. As one of the largest fast food chains in the United States, many would have expected McDonald’s to be quick with this but it has taken its time. However, the […]

McDonald’s To Launch Mobile Ordering/Payments In The US

When Apple Pay was first launched, fast food chain McDonald’s was one of the first few companies to adopt the system. However if there is one aspect of McDonald’s that is still missing, it would be mobile ordering and delivery. The good news is that if you do frequent the fast food chain, know that those features will be coming this year.

It Looks Like McDonald’s Has Reinvented The Drinking Straw

The humble drinking straw is pretty straightforward in terms of its design and functionality. It’s a hollowed out tube that lets people suck liquid through it. Sure, there are a variety of designs like straws that can bend, “crazy” straws, straws with a tiny scoop at the end, but at the end of the day, they’re pretty much the same thing.

McDonald’s Mobile Ordering Enters Testing

Have you longed for a faster and more efficient way to get your Big Mac fix? McDonald’s is finally joining the likes of Domino’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Taco Bell to allow mobile ordering. This cuts down on the wait time for customers as they can order and pay ahead of time before picking up their order at the restaurant. McDonald’s has now reportedly started testing mobile ordering.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Activity Trackers Are Causing Skin Irritations

A couple of days ago, McDonald’s announced their plans to give away activity trackers to kids with every Happy Meal purchased. It sounded like a great plan and a rather relevant giveaway in this day and age, but unfortunately it looks like their plans have backfired because there are now numerous reports of users experiencing skin irritation.

McDonald’s Is Giving Out Activity Trackers With Happy Meals

You might want to be up and about after you’ve had a fast food meal as they are not often the healthiest of choices but we’ll have them anyway. McDonald’s always gives toys with Happy Meals so that parents and children keep coming back for more, and now it has started giving out activity trackers with the Happy Meals. This isn’t the first time the company has done this. I distinctly remember […]

McDonald’s Japan Confirms Their Collaboration With Pokemon GO

A report from a couple of days ago revealed that Pokemon GO would finally be arriving in Japan today and it would be in partnership with McDonald’s Japan. The partnership would see McDonald’s Japan be the game’s first sponsored location, although a subsequent report revealed that the game would be postponed due to the concern that it may overload the servers.

Pokemon GO Will (Finally) Launch In Japan Tomorrow

According to Niantic, the reason why Pokemon GO has yet to launch in Japan is due to server issues. However it is expected that the game will eventually make its way there, and the good news for our readers in Japan is that you won’t have to wait much longer because the game is expected to launch tomorrow.

Pokemon GO’s Absence In Japan Causes McDonald’s Shares To Rise

Even without being launched in the majority of countries around the world, Pokemon GO has already had a very huge positive effect on Nintendo’s shares. We can only imagine that if and when the game does release in more countries, the company’s shares will rise even further. In fact over in Japan, McDonald’s is already experiencing some of its effects.