It’s that time of year again. No – we’re not referring to the upcoming holiday season or the end of the year. We’re talking about that magical time that comes once a year where Microsoft launches anotherScroogled” campaign against its competitor, Google.

This year’s Scroogled campaign isn’t just a simple way to promote Microsoft products over Google. Instead, this year, Microsoft has decided to allow you to pay for a number of Scroogled gear that shows your disdain for Google products, all while you probably are using Chrome right this second.

The Scroogled products run the gamut of items you’d expect to easily be branded with anti-Google images and sayings such as mugs, hats and T-shirts, all of which poke fun at Google’s ongoing ability to collect the personal data of its users.

We certainly aren’t fans of having Google or any other large corporation follow what we do or say online, but we’re not entirely sure Microsoft’s latest attempt to make people aware of what’s going on at Google will help. I mean, the products certainly look like decent enough, but who would actually walk around their town wearing a “Scroogled” hat or hoodie? On the other hand, we’re sure your IT manager will be pleased to receive a “Scroogled Keep Calm” coffee mug.

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