While Microsoft’s earlier Windows Phone ads were pretty hilarious, their recent ones weren’t that memorable, and while we’re not sure what their latest Internet Explorer ad has anything to do with the browser, at the very least it is fun to watch. Microsoft has recently debuted a new Internet Explorer ad and instead of going the typical tech-related ad style, Microsoft has opted for a short anime-styled ad to promote its browser. The anime stars freedom fighter, Inori Aizawa who is found running away from these killer robots, who manage to finally surround her. Just when you thought that all hope was lost, Aizawa activates her pendant, transforming her, placing an Internet Explorer pin in her hair and giving her super powers which we can’t help but be reminded of anime much like Sailor Moon.


While the ad does not actually promote IE in anyway, save for the IE-logo which doubles as a pin for Aizawa’s hair, if we had to read in between the lines, perhaps the killer robots could be seen as the competition. At one point Aizawa even throws up a shield which could be symbolic of how IE will be able to block threats against the user, such as malware and unwanted ads and popups, and with the destruction of the robots, perhaps it could be seen as Microsoft attempting to destroy the competition once and for all. Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but if you’re a fan of symbolism perhaps you might agree. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out Microsoft’s anime-inspired ad in the video above!

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