sony-SLT-sensor_zps9755dbb7The latest cameras announced by Sony are the Sony A7 and A7R, but if you’re looking for an A-mount camera, Sony Alpha Rumors reports that according to their sources, they have been tipped that Sony will be announcing new full-frame and APS-C A-mount cameras come Q1 2014. At this point not much else is known about these cameras, but apparently the full-frame models could reuse the sensor found on the A7 and A7R, while the APS-C model could utilize an improved 24MP sensor.

These cameras are expected to come with innovative features which seems to be in line with what we heard about how Sony’s new president is looking to release brand new innovative products, as opposed to merely releasing product upgrades. Some innovative features that have been suggested include Z-shift, but other than that it’s really anyone’s guess as to what Sony has up their sleeves! In any case CES 2014 is nearly upon us and that is usually when companies take the opportunity to announce new products and the likes. Will we see Sony’s new cameras announced then? Maybe, maybe not, but either way check back with us then for the details!

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