Ordering pizza can be a terrible ordeal, especially if you happen to hate to talk to anyone on the phone. Sure – you could use GrubHub or similar services, but sometimes, you just need the convenience of being able to push a button in order for a fresh pizza pie to be at your door in no time. And that’s exactly why PiePal was created.

PiePal was created by iStrategyLabs and allows you to order a pizza with just a simple press of a button. You’ll first need to turn the PiePal’s dial in order to select how many pizzas they want to order, then push the large button to get your order in. The PiePal then handles the rest as it will automatically contact Domino’s Pizza online ordering system via Wi-Fi, ordering a pre-selected type of pizza to be delivered from the nearest Domino’s location. If all goes well, an LED on the button will light up to inform the user the order has gone through.

The PiePal runs on a Raspberry Pi and uses a custom JavaScript program that was specifically tailored to Domino’s online ordering system. Its creators can also change what kind of pizza they would like to order, such as its size and toppings and even connect with their Domino’s account.

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