3D printing can be pretty handy and pretty novel, from printing things such as items of clothing to even a 3D visualization of the President of the United States’ voiceprint, which is exactly what French artist, Gilles Azzaro, did when he 3D printed a 39 second clip from one of President Barack Obama’s speeches. The clip is from his State of the Union speech and ironically enough, the part that was printed was actually President Obama’s views on how 3D printing could revolutionize the way things are made, so perhaps it was more than just a happy coincidence that Azzaro decided to choose this portion.


In order to print it out, Azzaro had to first create a program that would be able to capture voicepritns and transform them into 3D, after which he printed it out using a desktop 3D printer which took about 350 hours to complete. The final piece is 1.5 meters long and weighs about 6kg. The end result is an interactive sculpture where a laser light basically follows the speed of the speech, to show you which point of the speech you are art. It’s pretty cool and if you’d like to see how the sculpture was made, check out the videos above and below for the details!

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