There has been a lot of speculation about Tizen recently, the open source operating system that Samsung and Intel have collaborated on. So far the company has not released a Tizen powered device in the market, one was expected earlier this year, but it is believed that the first Tizen smartphone won’t come out until 2014. Samsung is also working on Tizen powered smart TVs, though a company executive confirmed earlier today that a smart TV will not come until the Tizen powered smartphone is out first. Local media reports coming in out of South Korea suggest that Samsung is gearing up to unveil Tizen 3.0, a substantial update, at its developers conference in Seoul next week.

Details about Tizen 3.0 are scarce at this point in time, though it is believed that Samsung has opted for a flat design. Back in September we saw purported images of Tizen 3.0 running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. The week after the developers conference in Seoul, which takes place on November 11th, Samsung is conducting another similar conference in London where it is expected to show off Tizen 3.0 as well. We’ll know for sure if that’s going to happen come November 11th, if Samsung really does show off the next Tizen update on its home turf first.

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