tizenIs Tizen dead? Perhaps not, although the platform and its accompanying hardware have yet to see the light of day, at least as far as Samsung is concerned. We had originally heard that Samsung’s first Tizen smartphones were due for a launch in Q3 2013 but that has obviously not happened, and last we heard, Samsung’s CEO had apparently delayed the release on purpose so as to create an operating system whose experience would be an amazing one. In any case according to recent rumors, chances of seeing a Samsung Tizen device in 2013 would be unlikely as it would seem that Samsung has since delayed the operating system (again) and will see a launch in 2014 instead.

While it is understandable and greatly appreciated by many that Samsung would be willing to delay the platform to create the best experience possible, just like how game developers delay games to iron out all the kinks, the practice might not be so applicable for smartphones. Platforms such as Windows Phone are slowly gaining market share and with new platforms such as Sailfish and Mozilla’s Firefox OS entering the market, a delay would just mean that Samsung would be late to party with customers having already committed themselves to another platform. What do you guys think? Is Samsung making a mistake by delaying Tizen yet again?

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