samsung-logoEarlier this month, we heard reports that Samsung was planning on launching phones in 2014/2015 that would feature high resolution displays, supposedly that of the 4K UHD variety. Well it turns out that Samsung’s plan could be on track and still on schedule as new reports have surfaced suggesting that the South Korean tech giant could be getting ready to mass produce their high resolution displays, and that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could possibly be the first smartphone from Samsung, and probably first amongst everyone else, to sport a display that could feature pixel density as high as 560ppi.

Assuming Samsung will not be increasing the display size of the Galaxy S5 and keeps it at 5” just like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S4, we are talking about a display resolution of 2560×1440, which is actually a bit higher than the Apple iPad Air. As it stands Full HD resolutions are pretty sharp and we doubt bumping it to 2560×1440 will yield any noticeable differences, but we’re not complaining and it will most likely be used as a marketing point at the end of the day. What do you guys think? Anyone looking forward to 560ppi smartphones in 2014? Or do you think that’s starting to get a bit ridiculous?

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