solar-ray-bansThere is nothing quite like that particular spark of creativity in a budding young mind. Sometimes, we do take a look at a particular concept or idea and say to ourselves, “Now why didn’t I think about that before?” I guess this particular pair of modified sunglasses would fall comfortably right into that particular category. Students from the Miami Ad School in San Francisco have come up with the idea of installing solar panels onto an iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, enlisting the help of designer Sayalee Kaluskar to bring it to life, so to speak. This means each time you are out wearing the pair of Wayfarers, soaking up the sun, so too, will the solar panels on this bad boy.

The energy gathered by the solar panels will be able to come in handy down the road, especially when your smartphone or mobile device starts to run low on juice. In order to enjoy such a privilege, all you need to do is to detach the arms from the front frame of the sunglasses, where one end of it will feature a Lightning charger – making it a snap for you to plug it into your iPhone. Right now, this is but a concept, although we would not be surprised to see it manufactured on a large scale down the road, and not necessarily carrying an existing brand name for the pair of sunnies.

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