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World's Largest Individual Solar Power Project Launched In Abu Dhabi
The United Arab Emirates has a knack for building the biggest and largest of everything. It’s home to the tallest building in the world and the world’s largest mall. Abu Dhabi, the oil-rich emirate, is now also host to a project that’s actually meant to reduce its reliance on oil for power generation. It has launched the world’s largest individual solar power project.

SoftBank Commits To World's Largest Solar Farm Worth $200 Billion
SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son has a penchant for backing ambitious projects and the latest project to win his stamp of approval is what’s billed as the “world’s largest solar farm.” The project itself is expected to cost $100 billion with the capability to produce 200 gigawatts of renewable energy. That’s going to be a third more than what the entire global photovoltaic industry supplied globally in 2017.

Researchers Use Sunlight To Desalinate Seawater
Seawater needs to be treated before it can be fit for consumption. Distillation is a method that has long been used to treat seawater. It involves boiling the water into steam and then cooling the pure vapors in condensation tubes. However, this method requires a lot of energy as almost half of the input goes towards just boiling the water. Researchers at Rice University have come up with a more […]

Mercedes Benz's Home Battery Coming To The U.S.
If Tesla’s Powerwall home battery isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you would like to buy one from another car manufacturer. German auto giant Mercedes Benz is finally bringing its home battery to the United States. It has teamed up with Utah-based Vivint Solar for this purpose. Vivint will begin selling the Mercedes Benz home batteries to new customers in California later this year.


Sterile Box Is Solar-Powered To Make Surgeries Safer In Remote Areas
When Joseph Lister figured out that many people died in hospitals back in his day because of poor hygiene standards and the lack of sterilization, his revamped best practices at hospitals and on the surgery tables have helped save countless lives since. In other words, whenever one intends to perform a surgery, just make sure that the area around as well as tools used are sterilized – otherwise the patient […]

Eraole Plane Runs On Clean Energy
Going green must be on the minds of many people, and we have heard of solar powered planes before. Raphael Dinelli, a French scientist, former yachtsman, and pilot intends to make waves by attempting the first zero-carbon trans-Atlantic flight this June, relying on a lightweight hybrid plane that will run on solar power and biofuels to get the job done.

This Airport Runs On Nothing But Solar Power
Solar power is a viable alternative to conventional power sources and it’s gradually gaining popularity in the mass market. In some countries, governments are even providing grants to make the switching costs lower for people willing to hook up their homes and businesses to solar power. You’d think that a sensitive installation like an airport wouldn’t completely go solar, but you’d be wrong because this airport has.

Japan Building World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant
What do you do if you can’t find enough free land to build a massive solar power park? You take it to the sea and that’s precisely what Japan is doing. The Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation and Kyocera Corporation have come together in a joint venture and announced that Kyocera TCL Solar has started construction on the world’s largest 13.7 megawatt floating solar power plant on the Yamakura Dam reservoir, managed […]

Japan To Transform Golf Courses Into Solar Power Farms
Japan is a country that certainly has a heart for the planet, and this time around, they are taking a rather creative route to achieve it. Having a huge number of country clubs constructed during the real estate boom in the previous century, many of these golf courses have been abandoned. The big question now is, what do we do with all of these golf courses? It looks like there […]

Low-Income Families In California To Get Free Solar Panels
Solar energy is a widely used alternative energy source that’s increasingly making its way into average households across the country. However the high initial setup cost makes it difficult for low-income families to move to solar energy, which essentially costs nothing if you take out the installation cost. California is going to lead the way to bring solar power to low-income households, the new project is going to provide them with […]

China Has Ambitions To Build A Solar Power Station In Space
The world mostly relies on fossil fuels for its energy needs though sincere efforts are underway to end this reliance and shift towards greener alternatives. Solar and wind power generation are just two of the many proposed alternatives to make this happen. The People’s Republic of China has ambitions to lead the way in solar energy as it seeks to build a massive solar power station in space.

Sunlight Used To Create Liquid Fuel
A solar-powered car is not exactly new in terms of inventions and science, but this does not mean that solar-powered vehicles are going to take over the world anytime soon. They are far from being commercially ready and available, and there are many other considerations to take into account, too. Well, with the falling price of oil over the past few months, driving a gas guzzler ain’t too bad on […]

Cobra CPP Solar/Portable Power Series
[CES 2014] Forget about fossil fuels, solar energy is the way to go. Cobra knows this, which is why they have come up with the new CPP Solar portable power series which will comprise of the Cobra CPP 100 and CPP 300 models. Regardless of which particular model you pick from, it will still come with high efficiency solar panels that will enable users to juice up their mobile devices […]

Samsung Will Reportedly Focus On Solar Power Tech For Smartphones Next Year
There are all sorts of theories circulating about the products major technology companies are expected to release next year. Samsung is most definitely one of those companies, and there has already been much talk of what we can expect from Samsung in 2014. Latest reports from Korean media suggest that the company might focus on solar power technology for smartphones next year. It is said that Samsung will focus more […]

Shama-Shades Are Solar-Powered Sunnies
There is nothing quite like that particular spark of creativity in a budding young mind. Sometimes, we do take a look at a particular concept or idea and say to ourselves, “Now why didn’t I think about that before?” I guess this particular pair of modified sunglasses would fall comfortably right into that particular category. Students from the Miami Ad School in San Francisco have come up with the idea […]

MS Turanor PlanetSolar Is A Solar Powered Boat
Here is a question that a hundred years ago, no one would have been able to answer – how does one move a ship that weighs 100 tonnes without any kind of fuel, sail, or slave labor? Well, thankfully technology has advanced to such a degree in this day and age, that a pioneering group of Swiss investors and German engineers have decided to harness the power of the sun, […]

AT&T Rolls Out Solar-Powered Street Charge Stations In NYC
AT&T is rolling out a number of street charge stations in New York City.

Solar Energy Gets Even More Affordable
Those who are not too fond of solar energy have more often than not touted the fact that the technology involved in solar power have been unable to compete with coal and other traditional energy sources in terms of cost efficiency, but I guess that particular argument is no longer valid since a couple of countries – India and Italy, have discovered that solar energy production within their borders has […]

Solar-Powered Autoclave Comes In Handy In Remote Areas
The world is not really equal in many terms, when it comes to money, influence, power, social status, the works! Thing is, everyone deserves adequate medical care and attention, but somehow, those living in poorer countries naturally have a lesser chance to access decent medical facilities, let alone enjoy sterile medical equipment in the event of a surgery. The Little Devices group at MIT decided to use this problem as […]

Solar Powered Copter
We have seen our fair share of devices that run on solar power in the past, but surely a solar panel that flies? That takes the cake, at least for now. A group of students at Queen Mary University of London have a vision to develop a solar-powered copter, which would definitely offer something that remote controlled toys which fly are unable to deliver in this day and age. Right […]