hasselbladIf you’re a fan of cameras, then brands such as Sony and Hasselblad might come to mind, although in the case of the latter, their cameras are usually priced beyond the means of regular photographers. Sony and Hasselblad have worked together before which resulted in Hasselblad essentially adding luxury touches to NEX cameras, such as the Hasselblad Lunar and the Hasselblad Stellar, but according to Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems as though Sony and Hasselblad are expected to make an joint announcement in the near future about an upcoming sensor which might make its debut in 2014.

Assuming this is true, this will definitely go beyond what Hasselblad has done for Sony’s cameras in the past. According to the rumor, this new sensor is expected to provide every pixel with a different shutter time, although it is unclear how this will be achieved. What this also means is that the resulting photos will have a very large dynamic range and if this is true, this is definitely worth looking forward to! Not much else is known, such as which cameras will be the first to take advantage of this new sensor, or when we might be able to expect such devices, but with CES 2014 nearly upon us, perhaps we might hear something about it then.

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