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Hasselblad Unveils The H6D-400C, Captures 400MP Photos
Sometimes camera manufacturers and smartphone makers love to advertise camera megapixels because while image quality can’t really be quantified, megapixels can, with the misleading notion that more megapixels are better. While it is true that megapixels do matter, it only matters in certain situations.

Pixel 2’s Camera VS A $20,000 Hasselblad
When it comes to medium format cameras, it’s really hard to beat Hasselblad’s offerings as the company is probably the brand that comes to mind when you think of medium format cameras. However the question maybe not many people are asking is, how does a Hasselblad medium format camera fare against some of today’s flagship smartphones?

DJI Rumored To Have Acquired Majority Stake In Hasselblad
DJI, a company known for their drones, could be interested in venturing into other kinds of photography. A couple of reports from both TechCrunch and Luminous Landscape (via Engadget) has suggested that DJI could have acquired a majority stake in Swedish camera company, Hasselblad.

Moto Z & Hasselblad Moto Mod Used To Shoot Sports Illustrated Cover
Smartphones cameras are still at their core cameras. This means that the rules of photography and composition all still apply to it, and if used correctly, it can achieve some pretty stunning photos. It’s just like how you could give an amateur a $10,000 Leica camera and lens but still walk away with a subpar image.


Moto Z Play & Hasselblad Moto Mod Officially Announced
We have been hearing rumors about the Moto Z Play and a new Hasselblad Moto Mod, and it looks like Lenovo/Motorola came through during IFA because they have officially announced both the Moto Z Play and the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod, which by the way can also be used with the other Moto Z models in case you were wondering.

Hasselblad Moto Mod Module Shown Off In Photo
When the Moto Z and its Moto Mods were announced, there were some modules that were “missing”. We say “missing” because prior to the official announcement, there were some leaks and one of those leaks showed a camera Moto Mod that was never announced, although earlier this month a photo surfaced which showed a Hasselblad-made camera module.

Hasselblad Reportedly Working On A Moto Mod For The Moto Z
When Motorola announced their new Moto Z handsets, they also announced modular accessories that customers can buy to augment the phone called Moto Mods. There are several Moto Mods which have since been launched, ranging from extra speakers, a projector mod, a power pack mod and so on.

Hasselblad And DJI Unveil The A5D-M600 Drone
Hasselblad is a camera company. DJI makes drones. While it might seem like they’re unrelated, cameras and drones actually go hand-in-hand. DJI thinks so which is why in 2015 they invested in a minority stake in Hasselblad, and it looks like in 2016 we are finally treated to the fruits of that partnership in the form of the A5D-M600 drone.

Hasselblad Unveils The X1D, A Medium Format Mirrorless Camera
When you think of digital/mirrorless cameras, you might not necessarily think of Hasselblad as it isn’t exactly a household name for cameras. However the camera maker has recently announced its latest product: the Hasselblad X1D which definitely pushes the boundaries of mirrorless cameras as it is the world’s first medium format mirrorless camera.

Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition Announced For The Lunar New Year
Hasselblad is known for making pretty good cameras, and pretty expensive ones at that too! Back in 2012 the company announced the Hasselblad Lunar which would go on to retail for $6,500, and now the company has recently announced the Hasselblad Lunar limited edition in which only 200 units will be made, with each unit expected to retail for a whopping €7,200 before taxes, which when converted to US dollars […]

Sony And Hasselblad Rumored To Have Worked On A New Sensor Together
If you’re a fan of cameras, then brands such as Sony and Hasselblad might come to mind, although in the case of the latter, their cameras are usually priced beyond the means of regular photographers. Sony and Hasselblad have worked together before which resulted in Hasselblad essentially adding luxury touches to NEX cameras, such as the Hasselblad Lunar and the Hasselblad Stellar, but according to Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems […]

Hasselblad Stellar Camera Leaked Ahead Of Its 26th July Announcement
Hasselblad and Sony are different companies, but it seems that Hasselblad has decided to create a couple of cameras whose specs are similar to some of Sony’s offerings, and the latest is the Hasselblad Stellar. Thanks to the folks at Photo Rumors, they have managed to get their hands on several leaked images of the upcoming Hasselblad Stellar camera, which apparently will share specs similar to that of Sony’s RX100, […]

Hasselblad To Unveil 3 New Cameras This Year
It was earlier this year that camera manufacturer, Hasselblad, showed off its Lunar mirrorless camera, and it looks like that’s not all the company has to offer photographers this year. According to job listing on Hasselblad’s website, the position calls for a Corporate Sales Manager and according to the job description, it reads, “You will be responsible for the worldwide sales of consumer-oriented line of Hasselblad products starting with a […]

Hasselblad V System Discontinued
It goes without saying that a company like Hasselblad is one that is knee deep in tradition, but then again, it would be rather difficult to build up a rather large user base when the starting price of your cameras would be able to purchase a new car for you. Well, we have heard that Hasselblad is about to halt the production of its V System camera, which would also […]