distractedIf there’s one thing parents love to nag their kids about, it would be how they spend too much time playing video games, chatting on their computers, playing with their phones or have their noses buried in a tablet, but over in Sweden it would seem that is the opposite case. Children are complaining that their parents are a little too tech-obsessed and are spending more time than they would like on their gadgets. This is according to a study conducted where it was found that 33% of Swedish parents admitted that their use of their phone and/tablet was a sore point with their kids.

More alarmingly, it was found that 20% of those surveyed admitted that they have lost their kid, for a moment, simply because they were spending too much time on their phones. Speaking to The Guardian, one Swedish pediatrician states that this could affect children growing up. “Of course it will affect their emotional development . . . [Also] I encourage parents to use language during their daily activities, and give their children new words all the time. If parents are more interested in using their mobile phones, I think it will have a bad effect on the language development of their children.” However not all pediatricians agree, saying that distracted parents will always be a thing, but what do you guys think? Is it a little ironic that parents are more tech-obsessed than their kids?

[Image Credit – bikeriderlondon]

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