If there’s one thing we know people don’t need wen they’re driving around is a bathtub in the backseat as making abrupt stops could certainly cause a burn or two to the back of your neck if the water is as hot as we’d expect it to be. But that’s exactly what Volkswagen Group Japan have built as they have built a Volkswagen Beetle that replaces its backseat with a Japanese-style bathtub.

The idea for this particular Volkswagen Beetle came about through an event they called “Whatever you wish to do with the Beetle, do it” project. The project had Volkswagen traveling to five seperate locations within Japan to see what kinds of recommendations people would come up with to do with the Beetle. In total, 6,500 submissions were gathered, with the organizers picking the “drive with an open-air bath in the rear seat of a convertible Bettle” submission.

Volkswagen used a Beetle Cabriolet to install a Japanese bathtub in the vehicle’s rear seat which features Japanese cypress wood and even has traditional Japanese curtains that are often used at bath houses to give it a more authentic feel. We just wonder who would sit around in their vehicle’s back seat to take in a soak when they can be zipping around town?

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