sharpdisplayApple’s Mac Pro is expected to see a release at the end of the year, and one of the features of the Mac Pro is how it will support 4K displays, which is a good thing for professionals who might require such high resolution. The odd thing is that Apple does not have any 4K displays of their own, at least until recently when Apple started to sell a 32” 4K Sharp Display  over in their European stores. Unfortunately the listing has since been taken down, suggesting that perhaps it might have gone up a little earlier than Apple would have liked. The price for said display was set at around $5,700. Ouch.

It has been speculated that perhaps the listing is a sign that the Mac Pros could be announced soon in terms of its availability. After all why would Apple sell a 4K monitor if the computer that uses it isn’t even available for purchase, right? Earlier in November it was rumored that Apple could be working on a 4K Thunderbolt display of their own. After all it had been a while since the Thunderbolt displays were refreshed, and seeing it updated to support the 4K resolution, especially in light of the Mac Pro’s upcoming release would make sense. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled and hopefully a release date for the Mac Pros will be announced soon.

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