Earlier this year, we saw canned air go on sale in China, which you may or may not be aware is currently going through a smog issue. This made us think of a future similar to Spaceballs where clean air is fought over, and today, we’re hearing the selling of canned air has reached France.

Student Antoine Deblay is selling cans of air from his town, which he’s called “Air de Montcuq” for $7.50 a piece. Deblay was able to sell his canned air through raising around $1,000 on a French crowdfunding website, which allowed him to make his own website as well as get the tins and packaging materials he needed. Within the first three weeks of being available for sale, Deblay says he made a thousand orders and has already made thousands of dollars.

The appeal of “Air de Montcuq” comes form the name of Deblay’s town, which can be mispronounced as “mon cul,” which translates to “my ass.” So – buying a can of “Air de Montcuq” can be translated to “the wind of my ass.” As you could probably assume, we’re sure many of the people who will be giving “Air de Montcuq” as gifts this holiday season will be giggling as the recipient takes a big whiff from the can of air.

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