AT&T Tower

AT&T subscribers who travel across the pond frequently and feel the need to be connected to 4G LTE rejoice, U.S.A’s second largest carrier has struck a deal with UK’s EE through which its subscribers will be able to roam 4G LTE. This is the second international destination where AT&T subscribers can now roam on the fastest mobile data networks, the first deal was struck a couple of weeks back with Rogers of Canada. With this deal, EE becomes the first carrier in the UK to offer inbound 4G roaming, it plans to partner up with additional international carriers early next year.

EE has the biggest 4G LTE network in the UK, covering more than 160 towns and cities the end of December, 2013. In major cities, the average speeds offered flicker between 24-30 Mbps. Those in the UK who subscribe to EE will be able to roam 4G LTE as well when travelling abroad in the first half of 2014. It hasn’t been detailed how much 4G LTE roaming on EE will cost AT&T subscribers, but we certainly can’t expect it to be cheap. If you can do without LTE, there are a number of prepaid carriers in the UK which offer comprehensive 3G plans, perhaps they might offer more bang for your pound sterling.

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