musk-coast-to-coast-teslaElectric vehicles are starting to become more common these days, and while they are slowly gaining acceptance, safe to say they aren’t as preferred compared to regular fuel-consuming vehicles. Price is one of the reasons holding consumers back, along with the fact that electric vehicles have a limited range and charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations. While it does seem that electric vehicles are the way of the future, just when exactly can we look forward to electric vehicles being more prevalent on our roads?

According to the Energy Information Administration, they are predicting that it will only be 2040 when we still start seeing more electric vehicles on the road, but until then the majority of vehicles will remain as fuel consumers. The reasoning behind this is not so much that consumers are unwilling to adopt electric vehicles, but more because manufacturers are more interested in building advanced gasoline engines, although we suppose hybrid vehicles will sort of be a happy middle until then. In any case what do you guys think? Will it really take 27 years until electric vehicles become more common? Or do you foresee it happening a lot sooner?

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