So we heard that Facebook was looking to introduce an Unfollow option to its social network soon which sounds like a great way of unfriending someone without offending them. While we’re on the subject of new features for Facebook, we know that many people out there are asking for a “dislike” button, a feature which we’re not sure will ever manifest itself, but it seems that Facebook could be considering a “sympathize” button. There are times when posts are made about a death of a celebrity, family member, the loss of a job, a breakup, and etc., and while it is understood that the “like” button does not actually mean you’re basking in their misery, we suppose having a “sympathize” button would be more accurate.

The “like” button can be used to convey various meanings, such as acknowledgement of your post/comment, a thank you, or a “that’s funny, I liked that”, just to name a few. The concept of a “sympathize” button was conceived by a Facebook engineer during the company’s hackathon that was held a while back. The idea was apparently well-received by fellow staff members, but unfortunately Facebook decided it was not the right time to launch such a feature, for now. What do you guys think of this idea?

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