nwesfeedFacebook’s News Feed, depending on the user, can get pretty cluttered at times, and sometimes it’s cluttered in a messy sort of way where you are getting updates from all sorts of pages you’re following. Well Facebook is hoping to change that and make it more organized as they have announced updates to your News Feed where they have started to show more relevant articles in your Feed. For example one of the changes they have made is in the screenshot above, where the main article is followed by three additional articles that Facebook has deemed to be relevant to what you view.


Facebook is also working on trying to differentiate what they determine to be high quality content because naturally people prefer getting their news from reputable and high quality sources, as opposed to any Tom, Dick, and Harry who owns a blog. By doing this Facebook hopes that they will be able to do a better job at curating high quality posts by showing them more prominently on your News Feed, whilst hiding less important stuff, such as jokes, funny images, and etc. Facebook will also be updating bumping in posts, meaning that the post will resurface even after you’ve read it when comments are made on it, allowing you to keep track of comments made on a particular post.

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