huawei-spyHuawei is a company known by many to produce a range of electronic devices, ranging from 3G/4G dongles to smartphones, just to name a few. However the Chinese company has come under fire earlier this year from the US government where they were accused of being security threats and possibly manufacturing spy equipment for China, which Huawei has since denied.

Well it looks like enough is enough as the Chinese company has decided to once and for all pull out from the US market. Speaking to French news website, Les Echos, Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei, had reportedly told the publication that they no longer want to stay in the US market. Ren stated that if the company gets between US and China relations, it could cause problems and that the trouble would not be worth it, thus leading to their decision to exit the US market and not stay in the middle of it.

We’re not sure if Ren’s statement was mistranslated or perhaps it was just a rant, but when the folks at CNET contacted the company, a spokesperson for the company replied with a vague message, stating, “We remain committed to our customers, employees, investments, and operations and more than $1 billion in sales in the US, and we stand ready to deliver additional competition and innovative solutions as desired by customers and allowed by authorities.”

Earlier this year there were rumors that Huawei could be looking to shift its focus and exit the US market, which the company later dismissed. We’re not sure how serious Huawei is this time, but hopefully we will be hearing a more definitive answer soon.

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