i-flashdrive-android-640x304Earlier this year we reported on an interesting little gadget called the i-Flashdrive which basically allowed iPhone users to transfer data from their iPhone to the accessory, which can then be transferred to a computer. This was incredibly handy for those who needed a way to transfer files but might not have their Apple cable with them. Now it seems that the folks behind i-Flashdrive are back except this time instead of transferring data from an iPhone to a flash drive, it will allow for the transfer of files between iOS and Android devices!

Basically what PhotoFast did was swap out the USB for a micro USB, allowing it to attach to basically any Android device, but unfortunately it still sports the 30-pin dock connector, meaning that iOS users would need an adapter if they are using newer iOS devices that have the Lightning port. The device will then use an app available for iOS and Android to then transfer files, such as photos and videos, between either device. Unfortunately much like the original i-Flashdrive, the newer model is just as expensive and will cost $170 for the 16GB version, $230 for the 32GB version, and a whopping $330 for the 64GB version. Ouch.

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