isowalkDon’t you think that the world is largely moving towards being smarter and better? That seems to be the case, what with smart cars, smart homes, smartphones, and now, the possibility of a smart walking stick. The Isowalk would arrive assuming it has picked up enough dough during the crowdfunding project over on Indiegogo. Thanks to Kineticane LLC, the Isowalk smart walking stick is supposedly capable of adapting itself to its user. It will be different from conventional canes which will create concentrated loads on the wrist, eventually leading to the possibility of one’s wrist and arm aching. No sir, the Isowalk combats this potential pitfall with a smart force relief system which will adapt itself to the user’s weight, wrist pressure, and gait, so that it delivers customized cushioning with every step that you take.

Not only that, the Isowalk has also been touted to be self propulsive, ensuring that it is capable of positioning itself in an optimal manner for the next step with minimal user intervention. Users should eventually enjoy an improved and ergonomic alignment of hand, wrist, and arm, which results in a better weight distribution and reduced pressure concentration on the wrist. Tipped to debut publicly in January next year, it is tipped to arrive in the market sometime next spring. [Project Page]

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