With the holiday season upon us, we’re sure many of you have learned by now that the best way to do any of your holiday shopping this year is through online retailers. The only problem with trusting your holiday shopping to online retailers is the fact that you might need to be home depending on what you order to sign for it. If you have a regular 9-to-5 job, that might not be possible, but a new service may just make it possible to receive deliveries when you’re actually home.

Luna is a San Francisco-based service that offers the ability to have packages delivered at night when customers are expected to be home from work. The way it works is users of Luna’s service first needs to have their package shipped to the Luna warehouse. Once their package is delivered to Luna, they would then need to set up a delivery window of when they would like their package to be delivered from 7PM to midnight from Sunday to Friday.

The service is only available for those in the San Francisco area, but it’s definitely an idea many of us who work during the day will want to use if it means our packages get to our door safely.

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