Xiaomi-magic-cube-modular-smartphones-450x450A couple of months ago, Motorola announced that they would be taking on the Phonebloks concept to turn it into a reality, calling it Project Ara. For those unfamiliar, the goal behind Project Ara is to create smartphones made of modular components, meaning that users would be able to pick and choose which hardware goes into their phone, and swap out existing parts for upgraded ones, kind of like building your own computer. Well it turns out that Xiaomi has similar plans of their own which is called Magic Cube.


The images above were originally posted by the company’s CEO on Weibo, but was soon taken down. Based on what we can see, the concept is pretty similar to Project Ara, save for the screen which appears to be attached to the mainboard, meaning you can’t remove it without removing the mainboard at the same time. Unfortunately apart from these photos, not much else is known about the project for now. Some have speculated that it could be Xiaomi’s Magic Cube project that might have attracted Google’s Hugo Barra to join the company, where he promised to help transform Xiaomi into the next Google or Amazon.

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