ms-soclSlightly more than a couple of years ago, we did talk about Microsoft jumping aboard the social networking bandwagon with the announcement of Microsoft Socl. Well, that has more or less ended up as a failure, as it did not take off as intended. Still, the Microsoft Research team did roll out Socl in beta form, which is still alive, and they have now launched the Microsoft Socl app on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile operating systems. These mobile apps intend to spread the reach of Socl, where it will deliver a slew of features to those who are on the move, including the ability to create/share collages as well as “funny memes”, not to mention the whole point of it being a social network – which is, to network with various folks.

Here is a wee bit of history concerning Socl – this particular service happened to be known within Microsoft’s inner circles as Tulalip back in its early days, where Microsoft called it a product or service which would hopefully assist users to “find what you need and share what you know easier than ever.” Socl’s objective at this point in time is not meant to duke it out with the 800lbs gorilla such as Facebook, but intends to be complementary to the likes of Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook.

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