We reported just the other day a total of 2 million passwords were compromised and those passwords were leaked online as a result. This has left many of you understandably frantic, possibly rushing to your precious email and social media accounts to change their passwords immediately. On the other hand, how are you so sure your password was hacked? That’s precisely what a new website is setting out to inform you about.The website is called haveibeenpwned.com and allows you to check if your email address is present in user database leaks from Adobe Systems in 2013, Yahoo in 2012, Sony and Stratfor in 2011 and Gawker in 2010.

There have been websites in the past that allows users to check if their information was compromised, but Australian software architect Troy Hunt wanted to create a website that checks a single email address across multiple data breaches. This is an important feature considering how many users use the same email address across multiple websites and services.

If you’re interested in finding out if your email address, and potentially your personal information, has been PWNED, then head on over to the website and input your email address. I certainly am resting a bit easier now that I found that my wife and I haven’t been PWNED.

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