The human fascination with jetpacks doesn’t seem to wean off, many have tried to make manned jetpacks that actually work and are safe enough to be used but they aren’t exactly mass market products, which is why we usually keep our jetpack flying limited to video games. Nevertheless there’s an option for those jetpack enthusiasts that are willing to spend $150,000 because next year they’ll be able to buy one from Martin Aircraft.

This New Zealand based company has been working on its manned jetpack for decades, it has shown off the latest prototype which is powered by a 200HP V4 petrol engine which in turn powers two ducted fans that can provide up to 30 minutes of flight time.

Martin Aircraft claims that its manned jetpack is capable of carrying up to 265 pounds and can reach an altitude of 1,000 meters with a top speed of 45 MPH.

Given that the average person just doesn’t have $150,000 lying around that can be blown away on a jetpack, the company is well aware of this fact, which is why it’s positioning the jetpack towards government agencies, first responders and emergency services.

They believe its ability to fly into tight spaces and land on rooftops gives it an advantage over helicopters in certain environments. The jetpack is slated to go on sale in the second half of 2016 for nearly $150,000.

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