We are bound to see a lot of amazing things at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, and PointGrab has revealed today just what it will be showing off at the event. The company’s next generation gesture recognition technology will be on display, technology which makes it easier for users to control consumer electronic devices as well as home appliances through gestures controls. Basically the technology uses depth information to create a “transparent space” in front of the user, offering touch like operation albeit from a distance.

PointGrab calls it the PointSwitch solution for Home Environment. It simply lets users control home appliances from a distance, just by pointing at them. Imagine being able to turn the air conditioner on or off with simple gestures, without ever needing to pick up the remote. Dimming lights would become as easy as simply moving a few fingers, so would controlling the temperature on air conditioning, drawing the shades and much more. PointSwitch is capable of functioning in full darkness, from wide angles and distances across the room. Mass market home environments are perfect for PointSwitch, even if as a new installation or as a retrofit. The company will hold closed-door demonstrations of the technology at CES 2014. PointSwitch will be ready for OEM integration in the first few months of next year.

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