It seems like gesture-based control is the in thing now thanks to a recent patent filed by Apple. The recently published patent revealed that Apple had plans to implement a system that would allow users to interact with their Mac computers via gestures, a system that we guess could be comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect system.

The reasoning behind this patent was because Apple felt that controllers such as the mouse could only be operated in two dimensions – X and Y. This they said could become cumbersome when interacting and manipulating objects in three dimensions. Their solution is to create a system which was not only “economical, small, portable and versatile”, but would be uncomplicated and highly effective.

For example the system could provide visual cues to help the user with their gestures and manipulation, such as a virtual representation of the user’s hand on the screen. Apart from controlling the computer, this system could also allow presence detection, letting users log into their computers via face detection, or even putting the computer into sleep mode or shutting down when the user walks away.

Once again with most patents, as cool as they might sound, it’s pretty hard to say if and when Apple will actually put these patents into effect and turn them into future products, but for now we can only dream of the possibilities.

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