screen21Are you sick of playing as Link all the time in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. brawler franchise? Well you might be pleased to learn that you will be able to play as Princess Zelda come Super Smash Bros. for then Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. Zelda will also be adorning the armor that she inhabits from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and if the screenshot above is any prediction, it looks like she has the ability to summon the Phantom which is pretty cool. Zelda has always been a playable character so we guess this is just confirmation that she will be returning for the upcoming brawler.

Super Smash Bros. is an upcoming title that Nintendo plans to release for both the 3DS handheld console and the Wii U platform. Unfortunately at this point in time, it is unknown when the game will be released. We had heard the rumors that the game along with Mario Kart 8 could see a Spring 2014 release, although that rumor was quickly quashed by the producer of the game, leaving us to wonder when we might be able to play it.

As it stands, the Wii U platform is not doing particularly well, with critics blaming the lack of blockbuster games, at least compared to the likes of the consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. However Nintendo has always managed to do well with their own titles and we have to wait and see if the addition of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. will help boost Wii U sales!

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