Have you ever played a game and gave so much criticism about it, so much so that others around you have chided you for being so negative and asked you to create your own game? Well, perhaps you might not have had the relevant background to do so in the past, but now now. Project Spark happens to be a game creation suite which is now in open beta, and it enables gamers to create their own games such as platformers and RPGs among others on the Xbox One. As long as you happen to be using Windows 8.1, you will be able to try and sign up, no promises on whether you will be accepted though.


Project Spark has been described to be a kind of adventure that never ends, and just about anything and everything happens to be customizable. Imagine being part of an open world sandbox, where you can conjure up your very own movies, stories and games, before sharing your effort with the greater scope of humanity. Being a free digital download, it could very well be a secret weapon on Microsoft’s side to harness the imaginative power of their customers to come up with the next big thing. What do you think of such a tactic?

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