We reported yesterday that a lot of BlackBerry 10 owners were complaining about the sensors on their devices going haywire. The issues were being noticed after users updated to BB10.2 OS. Sensors which were affected included the proximity and light sensors, some users even complained that screen rotation was being affected. BlackBerry today clarified that there’s nothing wrong with the BB10.2 update, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the hardware on its devices. The issue was due to corrupt server data, which the company has fixed server-side.

BlackBerry product manager Michael Clewley revealed through his BBM channel that a server which sends sensor calibration information to BlackBerry 10 devices was sending corrupt data, which resulted in sensors on devices acting up. Those who were affected by the issue simply need to restart their phone, no updates have been rolled out, everything was fixed at server. BlackBerry, which has often been criticized for taking its time when it comes to fixing software related problems, was very quick in ironing out these issues. So all BlackBerry 10 owners out there, who own either the Z10, Q10, Q5 or the Z30, need not worry anymore about haywire sensors. Just restart your device and everything will work out just fine.

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