A8-chip-for-iPhone-6With Samsung and Apple at each other’s throats over alleged patent infringements, with both sides taking swings at each other, it is hardly a surprise that their business relationship has suffered. While it has not been confirmed, it has been often rumored that Apple is looking to distance themselves from Samsung to reduce their reliance on the South Korean tech giant, but according to recent rumors, it seems that despite Apple’s attempts to phase Samsung out of their production, Samsung is reportedly going to be involved with the production of the A8 chipset which is rumored to make an appearance in the iPhone 6.


The last we heard, Taiwan’s TSMC would be the company responsible for the manufacturing of the A8 chipset, but according to the rumors, TSMC’s involvement will only be partial, although it will be the majority. The rumor claims that Samsung will be involved for about 30-40% of the production, with TSMC presumably taking up the rest. If anything this rumor is a little odd given that earlier rumors had suggested that Samsung would be passed up on production of the A8, but would return for the A9 in 2015. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but it seems that despite Apple’s best efforts, they just can’t get rid of Samsung that easily.

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